It always amazes me when I discover a customer that is using the latest version of software but is programming the same way he (usually a he) did five or more years ago.  In turn, these users are often amazed that the software version that they have can do so many things that they never imagined.

Our vendors go to considerable effort to include PDF files detailing the new features for each new release.  It’s almost as if these documents that are part of the on-line help files are not being read.

If you are a CNC programmer, and you are doing things the same way you did them five years ago, then you are not keeping up.  If you are a supervisor for CNC programmers you should be aware of the latest advances.

How to Fix it

Once you decide to improve your programming skills, how do you go about doing it?  Basically you have three options:

1) Study the on-line manuals, help files and video clips.  Then, take the time on a daily basis to experiment with the latest techniques.

2) Have one of our application specialists come in for a day of on-site training.

3) Take two days from your work week and attend one of CIM’s advanced training classes.

Option 1 which sounds the easiest may not be the best fit for everyone.  It may actually be harder to find an uninterrupted hour or two, several times a week during the work day, in which you can explore the on-line materials.

Choose one method and do it.  You’ll be a more productive programmer and in today’s economic environment you may just keep your job.