Since not all  customers , vendors, or CAM/ROBOT programs necessarily use the same file formats, it is important to be able to  transfer part information in a neutral format without any significant degeneration of the data base. Some suggestions that may help this process are:


  • Upgrade your translator to the latest version but be prepared to use the version level of the receiver/sender to minimize incompatibility of versions.
  • Purchase a translator from a reputable  company. All translators are not the same in terms of performance. When possible try it out first.
  • Use caution with DXF converters. Remember, the format was originally designed for 2D translations only. Some 3D features are still not handled well.
  • IGES translators vary widely in terms of entity types handled. Make sure your translator and the sender/receiver’s recognize the same entities. If they do not, obviously one of you will need to adjust entities used.
  • PDES/STEP has matured enough in its development that it is a reliable base translator for most all applications. A long term data sharing strategy should be developed to accommodate this important standard.