Vero’s acquisition of SURFCAM Inc.

My View: One of the best things to happen to SURFCAM ever! Why?

1. Vero is a 100 million dollar company.

2. They have over 150 programmers.

3. They own 12 companies of which 10 are CAM companies. The ones most familiar to us are SURFCAM, WorkNC, VISI, EdgeCAM and Peps.

4. Within the corporation expertise exists for virtually every aspect of CAM. This will help SURFCAM implement enhancements quickly and improve quality.

5. Vero has a proven history of growing companies.

6. Vero has already made a substantial investment in SURFCAM not including the purchase price. New offices, infrastructure, marketing and development resources.

7. Vero intends to grow and invest in SURFCAM to add value for our current and future customers.

8. Vero has a professional management team that’s making business decisions based on data and customer needs.

We at CIM Solutions are very excited about Vero’s acquisition of SURFCAM Inc and all they will do to add value and increase productivity for our customers.

Bob Jastrzebski
CIM Solutions