About CIM Solutions – a DNC/MDC/PDM Company

Mr. Bob Jastrzebski, owner of CIM Solutions, has operated a DNC/CAD/CAM business since 1986. He started CIM Solutions & Networking in response to the growing DNC/CAD/CAM needs of regional manufacturers and job shops. In addition to the owners practical and in-depth knowledge of the DNC/CAD/CAM business, the staff of CIM Solutions & Networking adds well over 75 years of industrial software to the company’s technical resources.

CIM Solutions & Networking represents a carefully selected line of software and hardware products because they recognize that no single product can meet the requirements of every application. CIM Solutions & Networking rigorously tests the products they offer for ease of use and integration capabilities, before those products are offered to CIM customers.

The unique arrangement CIM Solutions & Networking has with their suppliers allows the company to thoroughly analyze your needs and recommend the products best suited to your requirements. This attests to the professional commitment for customer service and support featured at CIM Solutions & Networking.

CIM Solutions & Networking is one of the fastest growing regional DNC/MDC/PDM system suppliers in the heart of the industrial Midwest. If you’re not already a CIM Solutions & Networking customer, maybe you should browse through this World Wide Web site to see all of the benefits you’ll gain by contacting CIM today.