Date(s) - 12/19/2016 - 12/20/2016
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact Diana Micale at 1-800-477-2317.

SURFCAM Traditional Basic Training Session

Day One

I.Touring the Surfcam Basic Layout
A.Surfcam 2005 CAD/CAM

  1. Student Questionnaire
  2. Getting Around in Windows
  3. File Paths
  4. Surfcam Window
  5. Display Features
  6. Tool Display
  7. Verify Settings

II.Creating and Editing Geometry
A.Basic Wire Frame Entities

  1. Points
  2. Point Arrays
  3. Circles
  4. Lines
  5. Edit and Auto Trim

B.Creating and Editing Parts

  1. Basic Construction Methods
  2. Drop Down Menus and Hot Keys
  3. World Coordinates
  4. Machine Coordinates
  5. Constructing and Changing Views
  6. Settings
  7. Transform Move and Copy
  8. Manipulating Geometry

C.Drawing Practice

  1. Simple 2-D Drawing Parts
  2. Text and Dimensioning
  3. Exercises in Using Drawing Tools
  4. Drawing in 3-D Views
  5. Importing and Using 2D Files, Iges, Dwg
  6. Positioning Parts for Machining

D.Review Drawing Exercises

  1. Questions and Answers
  2. Draw Test Part to Machine on Day Two


SURFCAM  Traditional Basic Training Session

Day Two

III.The Features of 2D Machining                  
A.The New Look

  1. Icons and Added Features

B.Milling (Profile & Pockets)
C.Face Milling
D.Engraving Text
E.Chamfer, Rounding, Rest Milling
F.Hole Processing

  1. Single Tool
  2. Multiple Tools

G.Exercises 10-21

IV.The New Verify
A. New and Added Features (Full Strength Verify)

  1. Adding Stock (Start-up or Operation Manager)
  2. Play the Verification
  3. View Manipulation
  4. Saving the Previous Cuts

V.The Operations Manager

  1. Setup Sections
  2. Arranging Tool Paths for CNC Program
  3. Post Processing
  4. Setup Sheets
  5. Edit NC
  6. Back plotting CNC Paths
  7. Tool Path Associativity


  1. Set up Part From Day One for Machining
  2. Machine Part from Day One Completely
  3. Question and Answers
  4. Customer Part Analysis  (time permitting)
  5. Critique Class


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