Predator Travelers

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Predator Travelers Software Overview

What is Predator Travelers?

Make your work instructions paperless and increase shop floor productivity. Predator Travelers provides a flexible system to create, organize, release, and document manufacturing details, processes and work instructions. Predator Travelers includes a powerful object-based database that supports unlimited parts, operations, materials, tooling, gages, blueprints, media, and more.

Why use Predator Travelers?

  • Complete shop traveler management
  • Shop floor clients
  • Automate creating and maintaining work instructions
  • ECN and revision control
  • Bar Code Support
  • Alternate travelers
  • Where Used and Unused Reports
  • Search and replace wizards
  • ISO 9000 History
  • 80+ Reports and Charts
  • Open API and database architecture
  • Upgrade to Predator SFC

Bar Code Support

Bar code readers can be used within every Predator Travelers screen. Traveler Cover pages include traveler, part and operation bar codes. Predator Travelers support all major bar code reader vendors. Support for Dymo label printers is also included to print individual labels. Lists of bar codes can be printed on all laser and inkjet printers.

ISO 9000 History

Complete audit trail for every revision of each traveler provides automatic history for every process. Nine security reports detail permissions, users and groups of users and their activities.

80+ Reports and Charts

Run the shop floor, CNC programming and overall business better via 80+ professional reports and charts. Reports can be exported to PDF, Microsoft Excel or HTML.

Open API and database architecture

Integrate your ERP and MES system with Predator Travelers open APIs (application programming interface) with 300+ methods all fully documented. Develop ERP and shop floor validation, flow part and job numbers from ERP directly into Predator and numerous other automation projects can be completed with C#, C++, VB.Net, VB6, VB script, Windows Script, Delphi and other compatible programming languages.

Predator Travelers is based on an open architecture client/server database standard. Select from Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.