SURFCAM 3 Axis Advanced Milling

(3 Axis Milling with 4/5 Axis Positioning)

Includes all of the Standard CAD, Essential Milling and Standard Milling features, as well as the Advanced Milling features below.


3D Profile Finishing with Cusp Height and Helical Milling Options

Profiling is used to finish surfaces in a series of XY profiles that follow the Z axis on surfaces and solids. By using cusp height control, the toolpath will adjust the depths of cut to maintain a constant surface finish. Steep and shallow areas can also be controlled, allowing shallow areas to be finished using alternate techniques.

Profiling Undercut Milling Option

Profiling with support for undercutting along the external profile edge is supported.

Project Milling Cycles

Projection allows you to create 2D toolpaths and project them onto

3D part surfaces. This technique is very useful for engraving logos and text.

Parallel Lace Milling Cycle

A series of parallel toolpaths are applied to the model to produce a

finish part, or used with depths of cut to produce a roughing cycle.

Single Pass Pencil Milling Cycle

Pencil Milling cycles allow the user to machine the internal corners and radii of the model, ensuring the finished component is fully machined with little or no hand finishing.

Planar / Rotary Drilling Cycles

Drilling cycles both in plan and around the rotary axis are fully supported for single and multiple tool operations.

Adaptive Feedrates

Adaptive feedrates adjusts the feedrate to even out loading on the tool. For example in a narrow channel the loading could be higher as the actual stepover increases above the specified stepover value; in this case the feedrate would be reduced. Conversely for smaller cuts at less than the specified percentage of stepover, the feedrate would be increased to reduce machining times.