SURFCAM 3 Axis Standard Milling

(3 Axis Milling with 4/5 Axis Positioning)

Includes all of the Standard CAD and Essential Milling features, as well as the Standard Milling features below.


3D Roughing for Wireframe

SURFCAM provides a variety of roughing cycles for use on wireframe, surfaces and solid geometry.

3D Roughing for Surface and Solids with Automatic Rest Roughing

SURFCAM provides a variety of roughing cycles for use on wireframe, surfaces and solid geometry. Automatic rest roughing can be implemented using the current stock.

Trochoidal Milling Option

This is a high speed roughing method. A full width cut move exceeds the specified step over, potentially overloading the tool. Using the trochoidal roughing reduces the load on the tool to a more consistent level with inserting the arc move. It achieves an extended tool life while allowing higher machining speeds to be maintained. In a narrow channel or tight corner, there may not be room for a trochoidal cut, in this case the area is excluded from the cycle. In the most of the cases, the Waveform Roughing shows better results as this uses the most advanced technologies.

3D Profile Finishing without Cusp Height Control

At this license level 3D profile finishing is calculated based upon the percentage of step over which will provide a finish toolpath that may have a variation is cusp, or scallop height. By closely controlling the step over a clean finish pass can be achieved.

Flatland Finishing and Flatland Rest Finishing

Flatland finishing strategies automatically seek out and effectively machine flat regions. The flatland rest finishing allows the majority of the flat areas to be machined with a larger tool , followed by a smaller tool used to address the tighter areas and corners.

Thread Milling

Thread milling is a popular technique when machining threaded holes on larger components, especially in the oil and gas, power generation and other heavy industries. SURFCAM Evo’s thread milling cycle will automatically suggest entry points, lead-in, and lead-out paths. Single pass or mutli-pass helical move tool paths can be output.


Back Boring

SURFCAM provided support for bar boring and back boring for long bores and negatively tapered recesses. SURFCAM Evo knows to reverse the existing tool holder when back boring.