SURFCAM 3 Axis Ultimate Milling

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(3 Axis Milling with 4/5 Axis Positioning)

Includes all of the Standard CAD, Essential Milling, Standard Milling and Advanced Milling features, as well as the Ultimate Milling features below.


Profiling Check Surface Support

Check surface gouge avoidance is provided while profiling.

Constant Cusp with Rest Material Detection

Constant Cusp machining can be employed to produce an even surface finish on large areas of a mold tool or component. The toolpath continuously adjusts to follow the part surface shape, resulting in a uniform cusp height.

Contact Angle Control for Finishing Strategies
Decreasing the stepover & cusp values will help improve surface finish in an area but will increase cycle time. Contact Angle control can be used to prevent the tool from over-cutting in this region as only the regions where the contact angle is within the Minimum and Maximum.