SURFCAM Advanced Turning

(Multi-Axis Turning for Mill-Turn Applications)

Includes all of the Standard CAD, Essential Turning and Standard Turning features above, as well as the Advanced Turning features below.


B, C, and Y-Axis Milling Capabilities

All milling functions are operational within the B, C and Y axis of the machine tool while the spindle is in a fixed plane position.

Multi-Axis Turning for Mill/ Turn Applications

All milling functions are operational on the milling axis of the machine tool while the spindle is in live operation providing an additional cutting axis.

Sub-Spindle Part Transfer

Part transfer operation from the primary to the secondary sub spindle is supported for both the machining and simulation environments.

Lathe Index

Lathe operations are capable of orienting the milling axis to the machining plane and perform 2-Axis to 3-Axis Milling.

Bar Pull

Bar pull operations are supported for lathers with stock feed.

Synchronized 4 Axis Rough Turning / Facing

Rough turning and facing using 2-turret at the same time in the turning environment. The basic turning (lathe) is 2-Axis (ZX). Using the 2-turret, the number of the active axes on a spindle will be double.

Support for Single Spindle, Single B-Axis Head Machine Configuration

The addition of a B-axis head machine configuration is supported.