SURFCAM Standard Turning

(2 Axis Turning with C/Y Axis Milling)

Includes all of the Standard CAD and Essential Turning features, as well as the Standard Turning features below.


C/Y Axis Milling 3D Roughing for Wireframe

3D rough milling operations can be applied to both 2D wireframe sections and 3D wireframe geometrical features.

C/Y Axis Milling 3D Roughing for Surfaces and Solids with Automatic

3D rough milling operations can be applied to both surfaces and solids. When using surfaces or solids the geometry is stock aware and automatic rest roughing is available.

C/Y Axis Milling – Trochoidal Milling Option

This is a high speed roughing method. A full width cut move exceeds the specified stepover, potentially overloading the tool. Using the trochoidal roughing reduces the load on the tool to a more consistent level with inserting the arc move. It achieves an extended tool life while allowing higher machining speeds to be maintained. In a narrow channel or tight corner, there may not be room for a trochoidal cut, in this case the area is excluded from the cycle. In the most of the cases, the Waveform Roughing shows better results as this uses the most advanced technologies.

C/Y Axis Milling –3D Profile Finishing with Cusp Height and Helical Milling Options

3D profile finishing operations include cusp height calculations at this product level along with the more traditional percentage stepover moves.

C/Y Axis Milling – Flatland Finishing and Flatland Rest Finishing

Automated flatland recognition allows for selection of appropriate tools, feeds and speeds for clean flat finishing. Optimized finishing and rest finishing operations are included.