CIM Solutions Maintenance Plans provide complete peace of mind

The financial cost of unplanned downtime can be expensive and lead to additional costs to your business, such as delayed deliveries, lost sales opportunities and even lost customers. CIM Solutions is in partnership with its customers for the long term. We have a support staff who understand the demands of your business and can provide practical and innovative solutions, as well as recommend the most appropriate combination of software, training and services that suits your needs.

We understand it's essential to maximise productivity, which is why we offer several support plans, specifically designed with your success in mind.

CIM Solutions has 3 levels of support

VIP support our highest level of support. 

  • You get top priority on any problem.
  • Any 2 or 3 Axis Post Processors are written for no charge
  • If an on-site visit is required it is done for no charge
  • You get a discount on any on-site training

Product is current on maintenance without VIP support

  • You get priority on any problem after the VIP support customer

​Product that is currently off maintenance

  • Unlike many other software companies We still support our customers that are off maintenance. After all the top priority and priority customers are taken care of we will respond to your situation. Please note: We do not have more then 3-4 back versions of software on our PC's at anytime.


Check out the full set of  benefits below:

Technical Support

1. The Customer Portal

A highly efficient tool for Downloading software and managing your licenses.

2. eSupport

Enables our Technical Support Team to view detailed information via email relating to your queries, for a rapid and accurate response.

3. Telephone Support

Provides direct telephone contact to the Technical Support Team, for resolution of more involved issues.

4. Web Rescue

A direct PC to PC service allowing our Technical Support Team to resolve your issues.

5. Expert on Site

Where required, we can send a Application Engineer to your site, ensuring a speedy resolution to your issue.

Product Development

6. Software Updates

Receive annual software updates giving you the latest functionality and ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

7. Translators/Loaders

Annual updates that keep your translators/loaders current ensuring good geometery that eliminates untimely delays in the design and machining process.

8. Enhancement Requestsdel

Provide your valuable input into the modification and enhancement of existing product features and see them delivered through your software updates.

Additional Benefits

9. Licence Protection

Ensures replacement of your Dongle or Software Licence in the event of theft, accidental damage or fire.